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A Linguistic-Cultural Analysis of the Altyn/Gold Concept

Zhaksylyk Bakytuly Yertay; Altynay Orazbekovna Tymbolova; Bakyt Taspolatov

Volume 11, Issue 3 , September 2023, , Pages 290-298


  The article examined the cognitive and linguistic features of the “altyn/gold” concept in Kazakh and English paremiology. The importance of the analysis of paremias in recognition of the concept is related to the fact that these proverbs provide the main value orientations of each people, ...  Read More

Phraseological Expressions in the Turkic Language: ‎Comparative Analysis

Nuraisha Bekeyeva; Akmaral Bissengali; Zhamal Mankeyeva; Bibaisha Nurdauletova

Volume 9, 2 (Themed Issue on Modern Realities of National Languages of CIS Countries) , August 2021, , Pages 29-40

  Turkic languages are based on the study of common spiritual foundations as well as proving the valuable works of the ancient Turkish era. Modern linguistics proves in accordance with the communicative and hereditary nature of culture, its preservation as an open system, its achievement, and the implementation ...  Read More

Linguocultural Analysis of the Conceptual Framework “Family” ‎in the Works of Mustai Karim

Khadisa Sultanbaeva; Liliya Abdullina; Guldaniya Gimasheva; Galiya Ganeeva; Gulnur Kaskinova; Gulkay Samirkhanova

Volume 9, 2 (Themed Issue on Modern Realities of National Languages of CIS Countries) , August 2021, , Pages 151-159

  The relevance of the study is conditioned by the undeveloped issue of the conceptual framework ‘Ғаилә’ (‘Family’) in the Bashkir language picture of the world on the example of Mustai Karim’s work and the lack of works covering this concept. The purpose of the study ...  Read More

Identity and Representation through Language in Ghana: The Postcolonial Self and the Other

Dora Edu-Buandoh

Volume 4, 1 (Special Issue on African Cultures and Languages) , March 2016, , Pages 34-44

  Research related to colonialism and post colonialism shows how the identities of indigenous people were constructed and how these identities are reconstructed in our contemporary world. The thrust of this paper is that colonialism brought a shift in the linguistic structure of Ghana with the introduction ...  Read More