Document Type : Original Article


Shahid Beheshti University, Iran


Pragmatic aspect of second language (L2) as a component of communicative competence has recently received more attention. Many research studies have investigated the gap between native and nonnative speakers’ command of L2 pragmatics. However, development of L2 pragmatics has been the focus of few studies. In this study, how coursebooks can help both nonnative teachers and learners develop L2 pragmatics was investigated. It was suggested that teachers’ books can act as a medium for developing both language teachers and learners’ L2 pragmatic competence. Therefore, one of the popular English coursebook series, Top Notch (1st and 2nd eds.) teachers’ books, were examined in order to find instances of metapgarmatic information. The results showed that, both editions provided metapragmatic information for teachers and that Top Notch second edition teachers’ books provided more metapragmatic information than the first edition. The implications of such findings are discussed at the end of this paper.