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Wolaita Sodo University, Ethiopia


The purpose of this study was to analyze selected Wolaita proverbs for their reflection of prejudiced negative images of femininity. The subjects used for the current study were 20 theme-relevant proverbs collected by interviewing systematically selected 12 elders and conducting participant-based observation. The qualitative research design was used to conduct this study. The result indicated that, Wolaita proverbs draw negatively prejudiced images of femininity in overall system of human communication. Such prejudiced and negatively drawn images of femininity include femininity as a symbol of incapability, lack of power to protect self, and sources of danger and problems. Based on these findings, awareness creation trainings should be given to demotivate the use of proverbs having negative images of femininity, Walaita speaking families should encourage their children to use proverbs that reflect gender equality, and the society, at large, should totally avoid the outdated negative perception of femininity in their overall walks of life.