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Kazan Federal University, Russia


Turkic or native Tatar allegorical phrases make up most of the phraseological synonymy. The present article analyzes the phraseological units of the Tatar literary language, lexicalized in dictionaries, and their synonyms used in spoken language. The study discusses the etymology of phraseological units and their structural components and the variability of synonymous set expressions with the semantics of wishes. The thematic justification is explained by the tasks of identifying the frequency of phraseological units with the semantics of wish and their synonymous variants in literary and spoken language. The goal of this study is to reveal the characteristics of phraseological synonyms in determining the performative paradigm of the speech act of wishing in the Tatar language. In the course of the study, the authors analyzed the modern works by Russian and foreign authors on linguistics and philology, analyzed the vocabulary items lexicalized in phraseological dictionaries and dictionaries of synonyms of the Tatar language, and compared raw word stock and spoken language.