Document Type : Original Article


1 San Juan Bautista Private University, Peru

2 Cesar Vallejo University, Peru

3 Universidad Católica Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo, Peru

4 Universidad Continental, Peru


This empirical research intended to seek the effects of ‎culturally-based conversations on developing speaking skill ‎among Peruvian upper-intermediate EFL students. To reach ‎this purpose, the OQPT was administered to 158 EFL ‎students to gauge their general proficiency in the English ‎language. After that, the researchers chose 100 upper-‎intermediate students and made them two groups; culture ‎group (n=50) and conventional group (n=50). Then, the ‎researchers gave a speaking pre-test to the mentioned groups. ‎After pre-testing, the culture group received the instruction ‎through culturally-based conversations, i.e., conversations ‎that were related to American and English cultures. The ‎conventional group was instructed traditionally, i.e., they did ‎not receive any specific culturally-based conversations. This ‎procedure continued till the last session. Finally, the ‎researchers gave a speaking post-test to the subjects of both ‎groups. The analysis of the data revealed that the culture ‎group outflanked the conventional group after the treatment. ‎Eventually, the benefits of the cultural materials for teachers ‎and students were described.‎