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Universitas Mahasaraswati Denpasar, Indonesia


What people see through their eyes may touch their hearts. Their reflection shows how emphatic they are about their surroundings. This study aims to identify the reflection shown in the writing of English for Foreign Language (EFL) learners on what they see and feel through the photovoice technique. Given that senses and emotions are linked and can be measured through emotioncy levels, photovoice is used to lead EFL learners to experience the world around them and then reflect on it. By taking pictures and making use of them as ways of developing a piece of descriptive writing, this study found that reflection through photovoice SHOWed could give positive results. The students’ senses and emotions are blended to enhance the level of involvement that makes them able to describe things captured by their eyes as the visual sense and involve their hearts as the core of emotion to contribute to showing the actions of caring for their surroundings.