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1 Zayed University-Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

2 Emirates College for Advanced Education, United Arab Emirates


It is well known that language is one of the most important tools of human communication in various media. Thus, it is necessary to consider the way language is used in the media and its role in how opinions and concepts are expressed. Understanding the language of media users increases understanding of their thoughts and convictions. Besides, the use of language can shape the impact on any audience or even contribute to controlling the direction of their potential opinions. Despite all the tremendous developments in the media, the vision for the function of language has remained the most powerful and fastest tool in reaching the inevitable results and building effective communication between the users themselves. This paper examined the many uses of language implemented in various media in order to reveal the truth of words that go far beyond the direct surface meaning of the audience’s understanding. We also analyzed some of the most dangerous and powerful examples of such an ambiguous use of language in linguistic fallacy and manipulation.