Document Type : Original Article


1 Gulf College, Oman

2 Bahar Institute of Higher Education, Iran


In recent decades, content-based instruction (CBI) has been increasingly used worldwide with the aim of developing students’ English language competency, particularly in their area of specialization. However, its implementation has not been without problems, and researchers have been seeking and suggesting ways to solve them. In this vein, this research describes the development and implementation of restructuring the teaching materials of General Foundation Programme courses (basic and applied mathematics modules) in Oman by using active learning through educational technology. The suggested restructuring of the teaching materials has two elements: 1) reorder the presentation of the course content for teaching specific learning outcomes within the context of broad conceptual themes; 2) incorporate active learning through technology and collaborative learning into every lecture. The new instructional design was assessed by a student survey and the comparison of their exam performance across three semesters in the academic years 2018-2020. The restructured courses significantly improved at-risk student engagement and satisfaction and increased academic performance.