Document Type : Original Article


K. Zhubanov Aktobe Regional University‎, Republic of Kazakhstan‎


This article considers the fact that culture, as a person’s activity and as a set of spiritual and material values, norms, ideals, and behavioral patterns, is involved in the multifaceted process of structuring the social space and building society. The purpose of this research article is to review the system of language symbols that carry culture‎ and the many differences which exist between countries, peoples, social groups, social communities, languages, customs, traditions, lives, and cultural values. Furthermore, the multifaceted nature of intercultural communication from the sides of anthropology, linguistics, sociology, psychology, information theory, and culture is revealed and analyzed. It is also argued that the problem of culture and language is the basis of anthropological research from the ‎viewpoint of intercultural communication in building a cultural model of the nation.‎