Document Type : Original Article


1 Egyptian University of Islamic Culture Nur-Mubarak, Kazakhstan

2 Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan


This article examines the challenges that arise in teaching and learning Kazakh as a second language, focusing on English-speaking learners. The study investigates the effectiveness of online learning platforms and explores the difficulties encountered by students. Through interviews and textbook analyses, the study explores students’ difficulties, and gathers their suggestions for improving Kazakh language teaching resources. The research highlights several areas of concern, including the lack of interactive resources, limited listening materials, and insufficient grammar explanations in English. The study also emphasizes the importance of practical, real-life dialogues and vocabulary relevant to daily communication and the need for updated textbooks that cover diverse topics, such as politics, economics and etc. The article concludes with recommendations for future Kazakh language materials that can enhance the overall learning experience for English-speaking learners based on insights gained from the research.