Document Type : Original Article


1 Shinawarta University, Thailand

2 Nanjing Normal University, China


This study briefly introduces some of the core features of edusemiotics, and combines them with the thought of Confucius embodied in the Analects – a book recording the words and deeds of Confucius and his students, thus discovering that the triadic model of semiotics and edusemiotics fits well with the core of Confucius’s educational thought of “Ren (仁)”. At the same time, edusemiotics finds a theoretical and practical fit with the Analects, both in terms of structural features of the included middle and in terms of the functioning logic of process-ontology. It proves that although Confucius’s classical educational thought has existed and been inherited for more than two thousand years, some of its educational concepts and methods stand at the forefront of the times from the pers-pective of edusemiotics today, and still remain an important guide and reference to the field of human education in this day and age.