Document Type : Original Article


1 Texas A&M University, USA

2 National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan


This systematic review synthesized current research on primary and secondary school teachers’ views toward the English as a lingua franca (ELF) perspective. The evolving status of English as a global language has spurred much discussion among scholars, especially in language education. The so-called native speaker was historically considered the standard model for teaching and learning English. However, this ideology has been challenged on several grounds. Efforts have been made to encourage English language teachers to take an ELF perspective. This study used a systematic review method to examine ELF education research using a conceptual framework of three dimensions: language features, English users, and learner needs. First, we examined the methodological approaches and instruments used in previous studies to examine how teachers views toward ELF perspective have been measured. Second, we report findings on teachers’ views toward the ELF perspective to provide insights into its uptake in English language classrooms. The findings highlight areas needing greater attention in teacher preparation and professional development programs.