Document Type : Original Article


1 Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan

2 The A. Baitursynov Institute of Linguistics, Kazakhstan


The article provides a comparative analysis of the use of mythonyms and theonyms in onomastic subcorps of the world's major languages – English, German, Czech, Kazakh, and Tatar. The research is focused on defining their mention frequency in several textual styles and cultural code analysis which marked these naming units. Using the computer-assisted methods of text searching and passportization, the authors researched the scope and content of the database focusing on motivational analysis of the terms mentioned. Particular attention was paid to the comparison of pragmatics and cultural semantics of theonyms including their use in phraseologisms. The research results emphasized the sematic and structural convergences and differences between the languages by having beneficial effect on better understanding of expressions and thinking ways in various linguistic and cultural contexts.