Document Type : Original Article


Aktobe Regional University named after K. Zhubanov, Republic of Kazakhstan


The purpose of the article was to study and identify linguistic and cultural features of the concepts of “authority” and “politics” in the materials of Kazakh, Russian, and English. Based on the definitions of the term “concept” in linguistic studies, the semantic and structural description of the words “authority” and “politics” was given regarding the relationship between linguistic and conceptual images of the world. To identify the national features of these two concepts, a survey was conducted using the associative experimental method. The survey was attended by 1000 respondents who spoke Kazakh, English, and Russian. After analyzing the results, substantive features of these concepts in the consciousness of owners of these languages were described and distinguished. The scientific value of the research work was determined by complementing the conclusions of the work in the direction of linguoculturology, and its practical value was determined by providing specific materials for comparative analysis.