Document Type : Original Article


1 Toraighyrov University, Kazakhstan

2 Pavlodar Pedagogical University, Kazakhstan


The article focuses on the axiological dominants of Kazakh and English-speaking cultures in the virtual world. The authors analyze the valuable national picture of the world in ordinary virtual discourse by considering the parameters of tradition and innovation in text formation. They collected and analyzed Internet comments using linguocultural and linguoaxiological methods to identify the linguocultural units that reflect the value markers of Internet commentary. These units include verbalized mythologemes, phraseological and paremiological units, poetic features, and nationally specific units that reveal the value basis of both cultures and are indicators of their axiological dominants. The study found two additional parameters of the value marker, “Bata - national peculiarity” unique to the Kazakh culture, and “IQ peculiarity” unique to the English culture. Overall, the study highlights the importance of understanding the axiological dominants of linguocultures in the virtual space.