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Majmaah University, Saudi Arabia


In the real world, each word within a language carries a simple referential meaning. Yet, there exist intricate semantic relationships, all of which may vary depending on the various linguistic contexts. In this paper, I explore two main color terms, red and black, in terms of their semantic relationships between English and Arabic. In fact, this paper discusses different kinds of meanings (i.e., denotational and connotational) and semantics relations (i.e., paradigmatic and syntagmatic) of the two terms red and black in English. Afterward, a comparison of the findings is expounded, elucidating the semantic nuances and pragmatic applications of these terms within the Arabic language– my native tongue. The results revealed that in English, red and black carry some semantic meanings similar to Arabic.  These similarities arise from universal beliefs. However, the diversity of linguistic and cultural influences results in distinct semantic relations of these color terms in the two languages.